Madhumita Thakur

Writer, Painter, Reader


Writer, Painter, Reader

Madhumita is primarily a writer by heart. Her world revolves arounds words and their magical power. Words for her are the quickest means of transportation from one world to another in the most seamless manner. 

An engineer by qualification Madhumita also completed her masters in business administration majoring in finance. She quit her cushy job in India and moved to Australia to start a new life with her husband.

She wears multiple hats when she is not writing. She dabbles in corporate life as a process specialist and business writer. Besides that she loves to express herself on glass in the form of glass paintings.

Entrepreneurs by nature Madhumita, along with her husband, mentors a handful of people every year and coaches them to build debt free assets to lead a financially independent life. This is driven by her philosophy in life is that Life is for living and not just working for money.

In  her leisure time she enjoys the company of her husband and their little son in the beautiful city of Melbourne reading books and travelling around the world.






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