AMA Philosophy Blogger Michael R D James will answer questions about the Philosophy of Education and Aesthetics

Ask me anything about Computer Science Education.

AMA about creating and selling online courses.

Aug 16, 2018

Ask Me Anything About Uni! Freshman Advice From A Newcomer Mentor!

Self-publishing is the best-kept secret in education. Teachers at any level can incorporate project-based learning into their curriculum with Lulu's free publishing tools, as well as develop custom anthologies, textbooks or workbooks for their students. Ask Me Anything!

An AMA Exploring Teen Substance Use This Back to School Season

Hi, I am Luisa and I have an online vintage clothing shop. I share my time between being a teacher and my shop, which means: a lot of work and challenges. I will be pleased to answer your questions. Ask Me Anything!

Aug 29, 2018

Questions about college applications, essays, and admissions? I am Jason Patel, the founder of Transizion. Ask me anything!

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