Self-publishing is the best-kept secret in education. Teachers at any level can incorporate project-based learning into their curriculum with Lulu's free publishing tools, as well as develop custom anthologies, textbooks or workbooks for their students. Ask Me Anything!

Lulu Press
Aug 20, 2018

Teachers can now create the content they need at a price they (and their students!) can afford. Plus, self-publishing makes project-based learning fun and empowering for students by giving them the unique opportunity to see their work published.

Thanks to open access platforms like Lulu, publishing and print-on-demand technology is available to everyone, removing the limitations traditional publishers imposed for decades. And slashing the cost of textbooks.

Learn more about the numerous ways we facilitate creative DIY trends in education all while helping to bring down the astronomical costs associated with academic publishing.


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Sir, my name is Sudhanshu Shekhar.  And i am writer. i have published two book on which doesnot has been sold yet. so it is my request to you to sell my book. The name of the book is "the clock and wand" and "time man".

Aug 22, 3:17AM EDT0

Hi Sudhanshu Shekhar! First congratulations on publishing two books! That itself is an achievement. Selling can be a real challenge for a lot of authors. We hear that time and again. While we can't do anything to directly sell your book, we do have a ton of resources to help you help yourself. I suggest checking out our blog or YouTube series about various marketing strategies and ideas. Best of luck with your book!

Aug 24, 1:08PM EDT0
How many eBooks are published every year? Are they exceeding print books thanks to self-publishing tools?
Aug 21, 6:45AM EDT0

Hi Andreaap18! Here is some info I found on the web. We don't know beyond our own publishing how many other traditional and self-publishing companies are producing, but from our data we can say that ebooks are not seriously cutting into print creation and sales. For the most part, ebooks stand as a companion to print more than a competitor.

Aug 24, 1:06PM EDT0
How do you make sure that the textbooks and other educational content self-published meet the quality standards needed for provide students a good source of information/education?
Aug 21, 3:01AM EDT0

Hi Blacklava! We're a self-publishing platform, meaning we are not responsible for content. You will notice that the majority of textbooks in the Lulu Bookstore clearly display the accreditation, from the hosting school or reputable organization. Self-publishing is wonderful because it is available to everyone, but the flip side of that is the possibility does exist for something labeled as educational to be anything but. We always encourage a teacher or school that is considering using a book to look into the source before making a final decision.

Aug 24, 1:04PM EDT0
What is the value for a student of seeing their work published?
Aug 21, 2:47AM EDT0

Hi Abigaille! It's a validation of their hard work. Publication gives that student a tangible product they have created with their words and pictures, something that is unique to them. It also shows them that they can create things, and more than that, exactly how to do it. Two decades ago a child who was interested in writing would be encouraged with pens and notebooks to scribble in. Today we can help that child see their first book published.

Aug 24, 1:01PM EDT0
What is the basic difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing and which one's better?
Aug 20, 11:31PM EDT0

Hi Robertogp! Self-publishing is better! But, I might be a little biased. Really though, the difference is that traditional publishers accept submissions from agents, who vet writing based on the criteria they think the publisher is interested in. Traditional publishers look for books they can sell. Period. Their drive is market value above all else. Self-publishing is a more open format, allowing anyone with content to publish, but without the direct drive to make money from book sales. Rather, self-publishers make money through printing for the authors and offering services like editing, cover design and book layout.

Aug 24, 12:52PM EDT0
Can you share some ideas and examples of how self-publishing makes project based learning empowering for students?
Aug 20, 11:26PM EDT0

Hi Bheem Singh Kunwar! Here are three examples of schools who have used Lulu for projects: 

What makes using Lulu so awesome is that the teacher is really in control of the project throughout. One project we've seen more than once involves students writing poetry or short stories, then the teacher compiling their work into an anthology. This makes a terrific keepsake for the kids and their parents, as well as an awesome book the school could sell to community members to raise money for the class. Creating content is a great way to engage a student and give them a creative outlet at the same time; when you add our low-cost self-publishing to that equation you've got a means to really let the kids do something that is both educational and creative.

Aug 24, 12:49PM EDT0
Where can people learn more about the many ways that you facilitate creative DIY trends in education?
Aug 20, 10:58PM EDT1

Hi Silvia Melis! Our blog is a great resource for news and DIY advice. We also have an awesome Youtube channel that features tons of how-to content. Plus we're active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, so pick your favorite social media channel to stay up to date with us!

Aug 24, 11:32AM EDT0
What should a first-time aspiring teacher cum author do to increase his or her chances of being published?
Aug 20, 9:14PM EDT0

Hi Erik! With self-publishing, you take all the chance out of the equation because you're in charge! You just need to develop your content and select a self-publishing company to publish and print for you. I, of course, recommend!

Aug 24, 11:22AM EDT0
What's the most successful strategy to market and publish a book by an author?
Aug 20, 1:27PM EDT0

Hi AngeloJ.Caamino! Unfortunately, there is no one strategy that works for everyone. The most important thing to do when you start creating a marketing plan for your book is to know your audience. Understand what they like, where they hang out (online and IRL), what social channels they use the most, what their buying habits are, etc.. Then you cater to them. For some tips to get started, check out our Lulu University series on YouTube!

Aug 24, 11:21AM EDT0
Should an educator choose, at a later time, to edit an already published text book, does Lulu have this option available or will he need to rewrite another book with the changes he would like to make?
Aug 18, 11:46AM EDT0

Hi Estela Marie Hallasgo! Our platform makes it easy to edit - there's a revise option for any book created with Lulu and you simply open up that revision and add your new interior file (with those updates) in place of the old file. This is one of the great aspects of self-publishing and print-on-demand for educators because you only buy as many books as you need. There won't be a bunch of extra copies floating around unused.

Aug 24, 11:18AM EDT0
What options does Lulu offer educators when it comes to self publishing? Can one use Lulu to publish and sell while at the same time have the books available in stores like Amazon?
Aug 18, 10:10AM EDT0

Hi Emmanuel Estorba! You sure can. Lulu offers distribution to Amazon, but because you own the copyright on all your content published through Lulu, you always have the option to publish with multiple providers. We find a number of our users doing this - using Lulu for print books and hardcovers, then going directly to Kindle for their ebook. While we would love for you to use Lulu exclusively (of course) we recognize that few things are that clear-cut and we strive to give everyone a free and easy means to self-publish. For educators specifically, Lulu is a great fit because of our print costs and options, giving teachers easy means to create exactly what they need and get copies to their students at very reasonable costs.

Aug 24, 11:16AM EDT0
What features does Lulu offer that gives it an edge over other self publishing platforms?
Aug 17, 10:29PM EDT0

Hi Kate! Our platform is completely free to use. There are no set up fees or packages to buy. We offer the highest royalty splits in the industry and operate one of the longest standing print-on-demand networks around the world, shipping to over 150 countries. Plus we have in-house customer support, so if you find a misprint or error (which is rare) we've got people in our office who are ready to help. Oh, and we offer the only eCommerce print-on-demand integration specifically for books, powered by our open API for our print network.

Aug 24, 11:15AM EDT0
For someone interested in pursuing this but is wondering what Lulu stands to gain from it, what would you tell him?
Aug 17, 5:12PM EDT0

Hi Cheryl! By "pursuing this" I'm going to assume you mean self-publishing. If so, we stand to gain money, as we are a business and we do make a little bit off of printing books for our customers. We also gain the peace of mind in knowing that our business is doing something good and useful for the world. Giving teachers control over their content and the way they craft lesson plans makes student's education richer and more involved. We like knowing we enable that.

Aug 23, 4:41PM EDT0
What more does Lulu offer besides a self publishing platform for teachers interested in doing this?
Aug 16, 8:56PM EDT0

Hi Dennis! Self-publishing and print-on-demand is what Lulu has always done, and we think we do it pretty darn well. So rather than trying to be everything to everyone, we stick with that focus. We do have ebook options, if that's more your teaching style or you want to offer digital companion versions. We also have a robust library of resources available to help aid those who are interested in publishing but might not know where to start. Another thing that we offer that might be appealing to teachers is the ability to sell your content and make a profit from it, either through the Lulu Bookstore or your own website via our xPress app for Shopify. But in general, we stand by doing what we've always done well: self-publishing.

Last edited @ Aug 23, 4:40PM EDT.
Aug 23, 4:40PM EDT0
Do you think it is time traditional publishers faced some competition in the education sector? Why do you say so?
Aug 16, 5:39AM EDT0

Hi Bea.justh! A resounding YES! Competition is good because it forces those competing to work harder, set ambitious goals, and achieve more. Academic publishing has long been stagnant and set in its ways; which isn't just bad because it makes the industry complacent, but also because it leads to a dearth of innovation and a focus on profitability over content. On top of all of that, we have to think about our teachers and our students. This is the vital growth for a new generation that we (as in everyone in the world) should be fostering. Traditional publishing makes it very clear what matters to them when they price a book that cost $10-$15 to print at over $100 for students to purchase. And that overpriced book is written and edited based on the publisher's ideas and opinions. The teacher, the one in the classroom with these students, has no say in how the curriculum is shaped. We want to give that control back those who should have it, and do so at a reasonable enough cost that students are excited about their course books, not resentful of the wasted money.

Aug 23, 4:33PM EDT0
What impact do you expect self publishing will have on traditional pubishing methods?
Aug 15, 10:10PM EDT0

Hi Gareth! There are really two factors at play here: self-publishing and print-on-demand. Self-publishing is a new option for those with niche markets or non-commercially viable content to see their work made available to the public. This is particularly awesome for educators because there really is a crazy monopoly among academic publishing. The second factor, print-on-demand, does have the potential to shake up publishing (and has been doing so for nearly two decades) by changing the pricing and product options. POD offers something vital for educators as well - the means to create unique and specific curriculum for students at reasonable costs.

Aug 23, 4:31PM EDT0
Many self publishing authors are strugglng with marketing. Do you offer new authors tips on how to increase sales of their books?
Aug 15, 9:07PM EDT0

Hi Al Emon Shafin! We do! We have a blog, YouTube series, social media channels and a knowledge base that are filled with tips, tricks and best practices for new (and established!) authors. But at the end of all that content, it's up to the author to act on the information and connect with readers. And of course, produce a book people want to read!

Aug 23, 4:29PM EDT0
How important are workbooks and where can a teacher who has no idea where to start find the resources?
Aug 15, 1:06AM EDT0

Hi Chitto Cancio! Here's a recent study trying to uncover some data on this subject that you might find interesting. From our perspective (as print providers) we see educators and particularly homeschool teachers very interested in using a hands-on tool that allow them to guide students in their learning. If you're new to workbooks, I think the best place to start is with worksheet templates (easily found through a Google search) and look at what others have already done. Then take the ideas and adapt them to your student's needs. To see some examples of how other educators are using Lulu, click here!

Aug 22, 1:25PM EDT0
Do you think the popularity of a teacher who decided to self-publish will likely increase sales?why?
Aug 14, 2:42AM EDT0

Hi Mennah! Book sales do tend to improve if the creator can boost their personal brand (popularity), so yes a teacher with some name recognition is likely to have an easier time selling their texts. The same is true for any author. The one key difference to be aware of for academic authors is that the quality of their work will often be a major determining factor in their popularity. So the better and more useful the teacher's book, the more popular they become and more recognition they get; all of which can lead to more sales.

Aug 22, 1:21PM EDT0
What tools does Lulu use to ensure the information in the books complement the curriculum of the target audience? Is this something you do?
Aug 13, 4:23AM EDT0

Hi Terry! We do not provide oversight on the content. That said, there is little need to do so. Most often textbooks we print are created by well-established institutions specifically for their classrooms.

Aug 22, 1:20PM EDT0