Mathematics for Life AMA

Sep 23, 2017

It is necessary to emphasize the importance of mathematics in daily life, which many people obviate by not giving the pertinent sense that it has, as a wonderful and fascinating science in our life without forgetting that mathematics allows to develop logical thinking, to reasoning orderly and having a mind prepared for thought, criticism and abstraction. Mathematics is found in everything that surrounds us from a simple game to when we prepare a schist dish to surprise a sample family. Do not forget this my dear reader, who induces reflection is a craftsman of wisdom, so I invite you to reflect on the importance of the wonderful world of mathematics in our daily life


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Do you think using computers and calculators makes people lazy in terms of using maths?

Sep 23, 12:06AM EDT0

What do you say to people who ask "When am I ever going to use this?"

Sep 22, 10:20PM EDT0

Why has not everyone gone metric seeing that it is so much easier to calculate?

Sep 22, 7:32PM EDT0

Has any mathematician or student found something that beats pencil and paper?

Sep 22, 7:22PM EDT0

How can I teach my child maths in every day life?

Sep 22, 7:10PM EDT0

Can measurement have a positive Impact on classroom motivation and how?

Sep 22, 4:54PM EDT0

I'm a housewife and I enjoy it, why would I need maths in daily life?

Sep 22, 4:29PM EDT0

What makes game-based learning so effective and how does it work?

Sep 22, 2:49PM EDT0

Why do we prove things we already know in maths?

Sep 22, 1:50PM EDT0

My child seems to have a 'maths anxiety' how can we overcome this?

Sep 22, 1:07PM EDT0

Have you always been interested in mathematics?

Sep 22, 12:31PM EDT0

I encourage my son to add up the things I buy when I'm shopping 10 items or less and if he gets it right he gets points that he can collect for a treat. I think it encourages him to learn maths, do you agree and do you have any other tips?

Sep 22, 12:17PM EDT0

What are the most impressive common misleading interpretations of statistics that students should be aware of?

Sep 22, 12:12PM EDT0

A lot of people hate math. Why do you think this is true? Are people just not naturally born with an aptitude for math?

Sep 22, 12:02PM EDT0

How would you make maths interesting and fun for children or even adults?

Sep 22, 12:02PM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Sep 22, 11:35AM EDT0

Why is teaching algebra important? I haven't met anyone yet who said it helped them as an adult.

Sep 22, 11:29AM EDT0

Do you agree when marking student papers that it is often not the result that matters but the documentation of how to get there?

Sep 22, 11:25AM EDT0

Are you a math teacher?

Sep 22, 8:19AM EDT0

Do you have a website in English?

Sep 21, 9:59AM EDT0
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