I am Mariano. I play basketball professionally and I train 3 days a week 2 hours a day. ASK ME ANYTHING

Mariano Rodríguez
Sep 26, 2017

I play basketball 3 times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4.30 pm to 8.00pm. I like playing with my friends at the weekends. My club name is Jose Hernandez, it is in Buenos Aires. I play tournaments on Saturdays and sometimes on Sundays. 

My favourite basketball player is Giannis Antetokounmpo, he plays for  Milwaukee Bucks! 

I like playing football with my friends at school and watch it on TV at home. 

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Hello Mario! I came across this other AMA and thought you may be interested in it :) sportsamaball

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Sep 26, 2:44PM EDT0

What do you like doing in your spare time apart from football and watching TV?

Sep 25, 11:45PM EDT0

I like playing videogames on my computer.

Sep 26, 2:42PM EDT0

How tall are you and do you have a girl friend?

Sep 25, 11:09PM EDT0

I'm 1,62 tall. I don't answer personal questions.

Sep 26, 2:41PM EDT0

Have you had any injuries through your sport and has it stopped you from playing?

Sep 25, 7:16PM EDT0

I never had an injure.

Sep 26, 2:39PM EDT0

Are you on facebook or twitter?

Sep 25, 6:37PM EDT0

Yes, I'm in Facebook.

Sep 26, 2:37PM EDT0

Do you play computer games or games on your phone?

Sep 25, 6:21PM EDT0

Yes, I do.

Sep 26, 2:37PM EDT0

Do you still go to school?

Sep 25, 2:52PM EDT0

Yes, I do.

Sep 26, 2:36PM EDT0

What are your plans for when you can't play basket ball anymore?

Sep 25, 9:00AM EDT0

I'm going to work with my parents.

Sep 26, 2:36PM EDT0

Why are you on here, what do you expect from this AMA?

Sep 25, 8:28AM EDT0

I expect a lot of interesting questions.

Sep 26, 2:33PM EDT0

Do you go out and party at night?

Sep 25, 8:06AM EDT0

Yes, I do.

Sep 26, 2:32PM EDT0

Are you and your family religious?

Sep 25, 7:50AM EDT0

No, we aren't.

Sep 26, 2:32PM EDT0

What is your favorite stadium to play in?

Sep 25, 7:26AM EDT0

My favourite stadium is Alberto Millan.

Sep 26, 2:31PM EDT0

Do you have any pets?

Sep 25, 7:07AM EDT0

Yes, I have a dog, it name is Frank and it's a Pug.

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Sep 26, 2:28PM EDT0

Are you in the top of your team in basketball?

Sep 25, 6:22AM EDT0

Yes, I'm the best player in my team.

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Sep 26, 2:27PM EDT0

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Sep 25, 5:20AM EDT0

Yes, i have a brother, his name is Ignacio.

Sep 26, 2:26PM EDT0

How many wins have you had in the last season?

Sep 25, 12:02AM EDT0

I won 9 matches in the last season.

Sep 26, 2:24PM EDT0

Do you have a part time job?

Sep 24, 7:15PM EDT0

No I don't.

Sep 26, 2:23PM EDT0

How old are you?

Sep 24, 5:23PM EDT0

I'm 11

Sep 26, 2:22PM EDT0

What do your parents do?

Sep 24, 4:54PM EDT0

They own a shop in Buenos Aires, and they work there.

Sep 26, 2:22PM EDT0

How long have you been playing basket ball and do you play internationally?

Sep 24, 4:09PM EDT0

I have been playing basketball 3 years and I don't play internationally, I play in a local club.

Sep 26, 2:20PM EDT0