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Nov 5, 2017

I like writing and I will guide you on how to compose "A" grade essays on your own. We discourage academic dishonesty, a reason why we want you to learn steps of composing good essays. We  have thousands of free sample essays.

Here are some of free sample essays

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What software can I get for free that will help put my essays into AMA format?

Nov 10, 12:48AM EST0

Do you use upwork?

Nov 8, 8:31AM EST0

Yes I do

Nov 11, 12:31AM EST0

what motivatedyou to be a writer

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Nov 8, 5:40AM EST0

Do you offer these services in Spanish?

Nov 8, 12:32AM EST0

Sorry, only in English

Nov 11, 12:31AM EST0

Where are you based out of?

Nov 7, 7:39AM EST0


Nov 7, 8:35AM EST0


Nov 11, 12:32AM EST0

How much do you charge for services?

Nov 7, 5:26AM EST0

Get in touch via

Nov 7, 8:31AM EST0

Wonderful! Just what I've been looking for! Do you think a person who's bad at writing can be good at using what you've posted here? How?

Nov 6, 8:31PM EST0

With coaching, one can improve writing skills

Nov 7, 8:32AM EST1

How long have you been in business?

Nov 6, 6:08AM EST0


Nov 7, 8:32AM EST0

Do you offer these services in other languages too ?

Nov 6, 5:55AM EST0

Sorry, I only do it in English

Nov 7, 8:33AM EST0

Do you have any online reviews I can see?

Nov 5, 12:14PM EST0

How many clients have you had so far?

Nov 5, 12:06PM EST0

Over 15,000

Nov 7, 8:33AM EST0

Do you hire freelancers?

Nov 5, 12:02PM EST0

Do you get many repeat clients?

Nov 5, 10:47AM EST0

Yes, I get many returning clients

Nov 7, 8:34AM EST0

Do you specialize in certain subjects?

Nov 5, 4:08AM EST0

I have a large pool of writers with different specializations

Nov 7, 8:34AM EST0

Did you register your sample essays with TurnItIn to further discourage academic dishonesty?

Nov 4, 11:43PM EDT0


Nov 5, 1:18AM EDT0

What can students learn from you that they can't from their teachers and the internet?

Nov 4, 7:08PM EDT0

What are some of the industry best practices and do you think that we still have great writer who does not plagiarize other peoples work 

Nov 4, 4:00PM EDT0

Good writers not plagiarize

Nov 5, 1:17AM EDT0

How do you ensure plagiarism free essays?

Nov 4, 10:54AM EDT0

I compose plagiarism-free essays and also provide free turnitin originality report

Nov 5, 1:17AM EDT0

How many people do you employ?

Nov 4, 10:16AM EDT0


Nov 5, 1:18AM EDT0

What are the top 3 mistakes people make when writing essays?

Nov 4, 5:41AM EDT0