AMA: I Host Candid Conversations about the state of Education - on The Dr. Marquita Blades Show-Candid Conversations that Create Change!

Jun 8, 2018

#AskMeAnything about my radio show, The Dr. Marquita Blades Show, Candid Conversations that Create Change. This Show is a platform for discussing current trends & issues in the field of education. My guests and explore the key concerns facing today's students, parents, teachers, and administrators and identify solutions. So...#AskMeAnything about The Dr. Marquita Blades Show!


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What do you think is the biggest challenge of education industry in current times?
Jun 14, 8:44PM EDT0
What are the most pressing challenges public schools are facing today?
Jun 11, 9:17PM EDT0
Do you ever miss being a high school teacher? If so, what do you miss about it the most?
Jun 11, 7:49PM EDT0
What changes would you like to see in the educational system?
Jun 11, 10:14AM EDT0
What topics do you usually cover on your speaking engagements?
Jun 11, 1:48AM EDT0

I have several topics that I share. 


  • I'm So STEM! My Journey on an Unlikely Path to a Career in Science & Technology
  • Our Phobias,  Their Fears: The Impact of Neophobia on STEM Education


  • You've Got the POWARR (c): A Collaborative Approach to Literacy in STEM
  • Escape the Lab: A Simulated STEM Escape Room Experience
  • The High Engaged NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) Classroom
  • POWARRful (c) Teaching Strategies for Increasing Increasing Student Engagement and Collaboration While Maintaining Rigor in Science Courses

I also have several workshops that I conduct as professional development for teachers. Descriptions can be found on my website:

Thank you for your question!

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Jun 11, 6:47AM EDT0
With your expertise in education, what are your thoughts about home schooling or online courses?
Jun 10, 11:35PM EDT0

Having taught so many students who struggled through high school, I think homeschooling and online courses definitely have their place. I also think both are great options for students who are more advanced. Parents have to really know their students in order to determine if they should pursue either route. 

Thank you for asking!

Jun 11, 6:35AM EDT0
As a Doctor of Education, do you still find yourself working in actual schools?
Jun 9, 1:29PM EDT0

I am a full-time consultant. I work in schools and with other educational programs. I am in schools maybe 2-3 days per week with any given consulting contract. I look forward to the days that I am working in school buildings because I do miss having my own students.

Thank you for asking!

Jun 10, 2:09PM EDT0
What do you think are some unnecessary school subjects that students can live without?
Jun 9, 8:35AM EDT0

As a veteran teacher, I don't believe any subjects in and of themselves are unnecessary. I believe that some subjects are not necessary for ALL students. I believe that we have to do a better job of allowing students to only take courses related to their own career and college paths in order to maximize their time in school and ensure that they leave high school truly prepared. I don't believe any subjects should be done away with completely.

Thank you for asking!

Jun 10, 2:08PM EDT0
Who do you usually guest on your radio show?
Jun 8, 10:22PM EDT0

My guests are usually educators, community leaders, and subject-matter experts based on topic.

Thank you for asking!

Jun 10, 2:06PM EDT0
Who are your usual callers on the radio show?
Jun 8, 10:05PM EDT0

My usual callers are either educators or parents of school-aged students. 

Thank you for asking!

Jun 10, 2:05PM EDT0
Is there a website one can visit to list to past radio shows?
Jun 8, 3:39PM EDT0

Yes, you can view past shows on Facebook:

Thank you for asking!

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Jun 10, 2:02PM EDT0
Does the show cover all fields of education, or just the medical field?
Jun 8, 7:40AM EDT0

The show does not cover the medical field at all. I am a STEM consultant for K-12 education. While I do have experience managing pre-medical programs for high school students, I have not yet incorporated that into the show. You've given me an idea for a show topic!

Thank you for your question.

Jun 10, 2:00PM EDT0

My show does not focus on the medical field. It is based on trends and issues in K-12 education.

Thank you for asking.

Jun 10, 2:02PM EDT0
How much research do you for a topic do prior to going on air? Or do you just rely on what you already know?
Jun 8, 1:46AM EDT0

I typically don't talk about anything that I don't have a reasonable amount of knowledge about, but I do conduct a fair amount of research prior to each show. Fortunately, I  am not the subject-matter expert on my show so it's not really incumbent on me to be the most knowledgeable person on the panel.

Thank you for your question!

Jun 10, 1:59PM EDT0

I am typically not the subject-matter expert on my show. That is what I rely on my guests for. I do a fair amount of research in order to know what questions to ask my panelists, but I don't try to know everything about a topic in advance.

Thank you for your question.

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Jun 10, 2:03PM EDT0
Does one really have to download the Instinct Radio app or can you just listen through the website?
Jun 7, 11:48PM EDT0

My posts indicate that you can listen on the website or watch live on FB.

Thank you for aksing.

Jun 10, 1:57PM EDT0

You can definitely listen online or watch live on Facebook!

Thank you for asking!

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Jun 10, 2:04PM EDT0
When you’re not on radio, what keeps you busy?
Jun 7, 7:58PM EDT0

I am education consultant, speaker,  and author. I work with schools and educational programs to improve STEM instruction and provide support for teachers. 

Thank you for asking!

Jun 8, 11:02AM EDT0
Do you ever have plans on turning your radio show into a podcast?
Jun 7, 7:01PM EDT0

YES! But what I really want is a TV show! 

Thanks for asking!

Jun 8, 11:01AM EDT0
What changes do you wish to achieve with your radio show “Candid Conversations that Create Change”?
Jun 7, 5:24PM EDT0

I would like for my radio show to raise awareness of trends and issues in education - it is already doing that, however, I want to reach even more people and gain the attention of those who are actively in positions to make decisions regarding educational policy.

Thank you for your question!

Jun 8, 11:00AM EDT0
What’s the best feedback you’ve gotten from listeners of the show so far?
Jun 7, 9:39AM EDT0

The best feedback I have gotten is from a listener who stated that my show has prepared her for when her child enters the educational system. She stated that she never knew that some of the issues we discuss existed and that she now has some knowledge to make informed decisions about her child's education. Now that's impact!

Thank you for your question!

Jun 7, 11:17AM EDT0
Were you ever asked a question on radio that you didn’t have an answer to? What do you do in that case?
Jun 7, 4:07AM EDT0

My guests don't typically ask me any questions. I have, however, asked a question that none of my panelists could readily respond to. In that moment, I just did what teachers do. I gave my opinion and rephrased the question to give them time to think and they were able to jump in at that point.

Thank you for your question.

Jun 7, 11:15AM EDT0
Don’t you think radio shows with topics such as yours should have a longer and more frequent time slot?
Jun 6, 8:57PM EDT0

When I first started the show, I felt that I needed more time on the air and a more frequent time slot. Now I see that the conversations don't have time to go stale and my listeners have time to anticipate the next conversation. If I feel a topic has not been fully explored, I bring back the panelists for Part II and continue the conversation.

Thank you for your question!

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Jun 7, 11:14AM EDT0