How changing my brain built my business! As the founder and clinical director of world-renowned TheraPeeds Family Center, TheraPeeds Continuing Education, and Julia Harper, Inc., you can Ask Me Anything about how rewiring your brain can work for you!

Dr. Julia Harper: Meditation is an important practice as it is a key tool to developing an ability to SEE ourselves. When we meditate we learn to observe our minds so we can SEE our reactive patterns, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. It is the ability to SEE that is …

We are the team behind GooseChase! We help businesses, teachers, and any other organizers run custom Scavenger Hunt Adventures through our platform! Ask us anything!

GooseChase Adventures: I didn’t really get into it as a player, but I was absolutely fascinated by the massive crowd gatherings that happened in cities around the world when Pokemon Go was released. I think we’re in a period where the very definition of “Game” is changing …

AMA about Education, Editing and Coaching with JuNuri - Sharing Her Lens.

Juliette Nelson: I first seek to understand the needs of my students as well as their current interests, skills and opportunities for growth. Based on that, I am able to create a lesson plan catered to their needs and opportunities. I like to make the lessons practic…

Ask Me Anything For Passing The PMP Exam In First Attempt

Praveen Malik: Fortunately, I don't have to make such a choice. :) PMP and a masters program serve different purposes so it is not an apple to apple comparison. By doing PMP you man not be able to learn the nuances of project management. You can do PMP certificatio…
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