Jun 18, 2018

AMA on how do we make our schools safer?

rdsollars: Let's start with the obvious; violence can be extremely bloody, painful, injurious, emotional and psychologically traumatizing. Now for the not so obvious; it can happen to anyone, nywhere, at anytime, for any reason. The warning signs can either be …

I followed my dreams and want you to also! I live and work in world heritage listed Mt Field National Park, I'm driving change and creating a future for my family, and my community. Cafe owner, I also have my own merchandise brand, am a Director of Tourism Industry Council of Tasmania, and passionate advocate for tourism and education. I'm a Mum of 3 beautiful children too. Ask Me Anything - go on!

Rachel Power: Both cafes were very different when we bought them.  Waterfalls was an exceptional business that not only fit our need but had the cashflow for all the other things we also wanted to achieve. It is our rock. Our second cafe, Mountain, was an opportun…
Jun 17, 2018

Ask Me Anything About How to Write a Personal Narrative or Personal Story?

Jun 14, 2018

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Sher Downing - EdTech Strategist takes on startups, technology & mentoring partnerships.

Sher Downing: Educational and experience are really important. When you look at many of the startups they begin from ideas of people who have realized first-hand the deficit in their job or career. People who share their experience in blogs and social media contri…

Coaching-AMA-Dr. Tracey M. Phillips- Licensed Counselor/Therapist and skilled Social Work Educator and Practitioner; Certified Grant Specialist; Career Coach.

Dr. Tracey M. Phillips: Many people make their resumes too long. They also bury the most relevant information. Most HR personnel only view a resume for about 15 seconds. They look for key words that fit into the position. If they do not see those words up front, they move o…
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