May 28, 2018

I've transformed from an engineering professor to a spiritual philosopher.  AMA!

Tommy Wong: Yes, it is possible. Place business ethics above profitability but the person has to be prepared to make less profit. The way to achieve the balance is to live with the soul.

I am a Classical Byzantine psaltis and music teacher in the Portland, OR area -Ask Me Anything!

@JohnPeterPresson: I am doing a bit of voice over work now to make a few ends meet.

AMA: Lessons from a Mediocre Teacher - The Mediocre Teacher Project.

DrMarquitaBlades: A teacher should have the workspace environment that fits his/her learning style(s). There is no one workspace environment that will work for all teachers. Because teachers are trained to create an environment that honor students' learning styles, ma…
May 23, 2018

Logan Matthews Co-founder of Skoller, the app for students, AMA.

Logan Matthews: We make updates whenever we are fixing bugs or implementing new features. We try to limit the number of updates during the semester unless absolutely necessary. 
May 21, 2018

I dropped out of UCLA at 19 years old to pursue a startup that connects tutors & students. With only $800, I bootstrapped the company well into 7 figures in revenue without taking on a single dollar in capital. AMA!

Ryan Neman: Hi Kathleen, I received a ton of negativity when I first decided to drop out. Everyone I knew was out of state for college (family as well as friends), and it felt like the spotlight was on me as a failure. However, this ended up benefitting me in th…

If classes are boring or unchallenging, how do I become a critical thinker and ultimately a leader of change? Our focus is personal finance, career, college planning and funding, critical thinking, problem-solving, goal setting, team building and communications. AMA regarding these topics.

Lorraine Decker: Let's start with the last question relative to Productive Living. Critical thinking is not necessary for productive living or millions would be in deep trouble. Even as employees, rarely does management require employees to be critical thinkers. And …
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